We are committed to nurturing a culture of exploration, experimentation, and prototyping in education. One way that we do this is through our Research and Design Labs. Within each lab, we form short-term (8 weeks to 1 year) teams that are focused upon conducting one or more simple and ¬†inexpensive experiments that provide actionable insight regarding a provocative question, persistent problem, or promising opportunity in education. Each team commits to documenting lessons from those experiments. This takes the form of a 4-6 minute video narrative and/or a whitepaper. Whenever possible, teams create prototypes “products” that are used as part of the experiments (a rough draft educational game, a short course with an innovative teaching and learning strategy, etc.).

Research and design teams have four main goals:

  1. Model the promising practice of exploration, experimentation, and prototyping in education.
  2. Nurture and deepen curiosity and a culture of experimentation among team members.
  3. Make a positive contribution to solving a documented and current educational problem or pursuing a promising or emerging educational opportunity.
  4. Identity potential future educational prototypes or products for further refinement and dissemination.